Azleff, Yevno

   Russian revolutionary. He was born in Lyskovo, and moved to Rostov with his family. He worked as a reporter for a local newspaper, and later as a clerk. His activities in the revolutionary movement were observed by the authorities, and he fled to Germany where he settled at Karlsruhe. Later he returned to Russia where he worked in a general-supply company, and was a member of the Union of Social Revolutionaries underground. Appointed to the party's first trium-virate, he became leader of the Battle Organization. He was instrumental in the assassination of Grand Duke Sergei. Later he planned to blow up the Ochrana (Russian secret police) headquarters in St Petersburg. Under suspicion as an informer, he fled to Paris, and later to Germany. He was imprisoned because of his revolutionary leanings during World War I, but subsequently released.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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